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How to earn at least 1000 guild tokens weekly outside raids and without spending a single Euro or crystal?


Would you like to earn up to 1000 guild tokens per week by simply clicking on the screen? Wait, but that's exactly what you are already doing! If the answer to the above question is positive then read carefully this page and learn how to achieve it. There are four basic rules.

  1. Everyone or no one.
    In order for this strategy to work we need to mobilize at least 80% of the guild or 40 players. There are 50 of us, bet we expect a slow start due to the avoidance of the rule #2. Still, we hope that in time you will learn the benefit of this approach because EVERYONE WILL WIN THE SAME MAXIMAL PRIZES. The point is that the size of the prize in tokens depends much more on the TIER unlocked by the guild than on the individual ranking. With some altruism we will actually all share the first rank.
  2. We have to suppress the traditional Balkan greed, selfishness, stubbornness, skepticism, primitivism and superstition.
    OK, I may have gone a bit too far, but before I explain it in details, I wish to prevent all comments such as "Yes, but my opinion is..." or "I see this more important than...". BULL S**T. It is just a greedy reasoning of a selfish narrow-minded ass**le who does not deseve to be called a member of the SRB Bounty Hunters. In this game rare gear and shards of rare characters found only in the guild shop are really important. At the same time WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO GIVE UP ANYTHING. You will win all your daily payouts, rewards and bonuses as usual. What we are asking is to be PATIENT because you won't collect them IMMEDIATELY as usual, but couple of hours LATER! This is a proper way to do it for your own sake as well for the sake of others. Those reluctant to participate should hope for nothing good.
  3. Follow the daily announcements as a timely reminder.
    Every time a "danger" approaches to hasten into a greedy collection of minor prizes and thus endanger the overall guild plan, there will be a duly and fair warning calling you to patience.
  4. The participation is - after all - voluntary, but we'll keep records.
    No one is going to force you to participate. We only hope you have enough common sense to realize this is in everyone's best interest, including yourself. A particular omission to participate will not be sanctioned, but those contributing seldom or not at all should not hope to receive any gear at the exchange, favors and assistance from other players. Finally, your overall contribution index to all activities, including daily ticket earning, gear donations etc. may reflect on our decision to replace you with a less self-centered player, even a lower ranked one.

Once a day, somewhere between 17:30 do 19:30, depending on the server you are playing on and winter/summer time you are cashed out in guild tokens for your contribution to daily guild activities. There are seven types of activities and most of them require investing resources such as energy, which usually means crystals, hence money. At the best case you have to give up some other priorities in order to respect every task up to its maximum. However, there are also three daily tasks which require no such thing: Galactic War Nodes, Daily Challenges and PvP. These tasks are also part of the Daily Activities reward, which have nothing to do with the Guild Activities. Daily rewards are paid out when and if you fulfill those little errands repeating each day. But this doesn't mean that the activities are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, you can easily max them both with a little coordination and timing.

These are daily activities:

And these are the guild activities:

What only a handful of us realize is that it doesn't matter whether you are the first or the fifteenth, but rather the TIER of the reward. Pay attention to the left side of the image above. If enough of us contributes, we move to a higher TIER where the rewards are significantly better. Even if you are ranked #1 and the reward tier is I you will receive 0 tokens! But if you are the thirtiest and the rewards tier is V or VI you will receive more tokens than the first ranked player in case of TIER III or IV reward.

The idea we are suggesting here is to make everyone first ranked but in TIER category VII 3 times a week. Maximum gain for everyone, but only if we mobilize enough players (rule #1).


First 350 - Galactic War Nodes (goal: 600 nods)

The effort starts with a first daily reset in the night between Sunday and Monday. One of the daily tasks in that moment is to "Embark on a galactic war". Note that you are not required to complete the gw, nor even to pass a single node, but simply to start it. So, reset the gw from Sunday, enter the first node and retreat without firing a single shot. It will count as a completed activity for the daily reward, but the node will remain intact and free for tomorrow.

On the following night between Monday and Tuesday, after the daily reset, DO NOT RESTART THE GALACTIC WAR. Just enter the first node of the Monday gw, retreat and collect the daily reward. No, the gw isn't wasted after the daily reset and is still valid. On Tuesday evening/afternoon, after the guild token payout for the previous activity (light side battles), the gw nodes will start counting for the reward. Finish as many nodes from Monday gw as you can. Restart and finish the pending Tuesday gw immediately. You have to do this before the next daily reset. After the daily reset on Wednesday and before the payout, RESET the gw for the third time and pass as many nodes as possible. At the best case scenario you will have 36 completed nodes. But you won't be the only one. God, give brains to my guild-mates - there should be at least 40 of us sharing rank #1:

Congratulations! On Wednesday we have earned our first 350 guild tokens because we ovecame skepticism, selfishness and stubbornness (rule #2).

Recap: note that you gave up nothing. All daily rewards have been collected and you've played 3 gw in 3 days. The only difference is that you are wiser and richer. Clearly, not every gw is possible to complete because it turns out to be too difficult. Contribute as much as you possibly can and it will be OK. Don't stress yourselves. Sometimes even the best players can't finish every gw. When the game opposes it opposes! Even if nobody passes all possible 36 nodes, TIER VII is reachable with 600 nodes. With 40 players participating that is 15 nodes per player for 3 Galactic Wars, so you can strategize if you wish, but rank #1 will probably not be yours!!!


Another 300 - Daily Challenges (goal: 375 challenges)

These are by far the easiest guild token earned. For some mysterious reason, many our guild-mates fail to deliver so the rewards are quite low. But we are here to change that. Collecting starts on Thursday after the daily reset on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. All you have to do is be patient and actually NOT COMPLETE any of the three challenges before the afternoon payout:


So two regular and one fleet challenge. Don't worry about the daily reward. You will receive it, only later that day. After the payout for the previous activity (Hard Mode Battles), complete all three challenges to collect the daily reward first. Maximum is 10 challenges on Thursday (3x Training Droids, 5x STR Gear and 2x Ship Ability Materials).

After the daily reset on the following day, finish the remaining challenges prior the afternoon payout. That's another 10. So we should all be ranked #1 totaling 20 competed challenges.

Great! Another 300 tokens.

Recap: Note that nothing is lost again. All daily rewards have been collected and all challenges are being used. You were just patient and wise and it was rewarded. 375 challenges on 40 something players is less than 10 challenges in 2 days, so TIER VII is easy to each even without a coordination of the entire guild.


Final 350 - PvP attempts (goal: 500 PvP attempts)

OK. Remember how I promised that you will not have to sacrifice anything. Well I am about to kind-of-break my word. These last 300 guild tokens may be an issue, but only for a small number of players once a week regarding their rank in the arena. But his is only for those playing on some ridiculous servers and even for them it may be a sacrifice in terms of no more than 25 arena tokens and 25 crystals if they are not careful. And in return they will receive 350 guild tokens. In time these guys will learn to appreciate it. Others will still sacrifice nothing but patience.

The effort begins on Saturday any time after the daily reset on the night between Friday and Saturday. As usual you are asked NOT TO DO something. And that is NOT TO PLAY a single conflict in the Squad Arena prior to the afternoon payout. The Fleet Arena doesn't count for some reason, so you can do there whatever you want. For the daily reward you need 2 PvP attempts in the Squad Arena, but you save all 5. After the afternoon payout for the previous activity (Dark Side Battles) play all 5 PvP attempts. If that is out of the question, and you must play then earlier, than save at least 3 for this occasion.

After the next daily reset on the night between Sunday and Saturday, play another 5 battles. If all goes well we will all be ranked #1 with 10 total PvP attempts.

Fantastic! Not only that we have all earned another 350 tokens but we have also proven that Balkan folks can thing strategically, and not only about what's in front of their noses.

Recap: a few players may have to sacrifice occasionally some arena tokens and crystals (up to 25). But the gain is certainly much higher and not only the individual but also the collective gain (rules #1 and #2 combined). Honestly I don't expect everyone to comply with this, because of the opportunism floating the Balkan blood ("keep sacrificing brothers, I am fine like this"). Those wiser hard working players will, however, quickly discover advantages of this approach. Most will have enough time (30 min) to play at least 3 out of 5 battles before the arena payout. So no loss at all. Everything is played in full. To achieve TIER VII all 50 players have to save all 10 PvP attempts, so this is probably reaching the domain of theory. Still it remains a mystery why so many players still has 0 or 1 PvP attempt, so we rarely reach even TIER IV!?


* This is not the end, because there are 4 more activities per week were you (we) can collect at least that many tokens. But it would be unrealistic to coordinate those remaining activities because each of us has different capacity, so Cantina Energy, Hard Mod Battles, Light and Dark Side Battles we leave up to your individual judgement to contribute as much as you have time and resources.

** The actual amount of guild tokens in payouts varies and it depends on how many payers share rank #1. Unfortunately, the more of us, the less the payout. But still, the TIER VII rewards are much higher than on lower tiers.

*** Anywehere were it spells "Serbian/Serbs" or "Balkan" etc. in a negative context, please feel free to substitute it with any nation in Europe or Worldwide if that will make you feel addressed more directly.